Friday, March 25, 2016

This Never Happens!

I was fortunate enough to get out with my long time fishing buddy and best friend NT last weekend.  We kept a close eye on the weather and the flows in Southwest Michigan for the week leading up to Friday.  The area had some rainfall earlier in the week but the Dowagiac was dropping nicely and with the forecast for cloudy skies and temps in the upper 40's, we decided to make the run.  This area works out great for the both of us since I'm coming from the Chicago suburbs and he's traveling from Northwest Ohio.

We met at the spot right before sunrise and quickly were off working our way downstream to get away from the crowds.  The water was at 360 cfs which allowed safe wading for the stretch we would be concentrating on.  Fish were stacked in the river and I was beyond excited for this impromptu chance to finally land a steelhead.

After a few hours of fishing and with a few hook ups but nothing to hand, we decided to trek back to the car to reload some essential gear and refuel ourselves.  It was on this walk that we were able to find some new holes to hit with active fish in the area.  It was one of these spots that I finally hooked, battled, played, and landed my first steelhead.  Memories and history were made on this single fish.  All the hours years spent hunting these gorgeous creatures, all the times walking back to the car skunked, was erased that afternoon.

As you can see from the photo's below, the trip was epic.  Over 30 fish hooked and between the two of us 10 steelhead landed and a few resident brown trout taking advantage of the steelhead love shack.  Hopefully we can duplicate our success in a few weeks in Steelhead Alley, Ohio.  I know my confidence is sky high right now.

NT with a nice streamer caught beast.

NT's streamer brown.

My second on the trip.

All released to be caught another day.


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