Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Night with Bob Clouser

On Tuesday night, during a Chicagoland snow storm, I had the privilege to not only have dinner with, but also sit in on a presentation by Fly Fishing Royalty, Mr. Bob Clouser.
Mr. Couser was DRiFT's guest speaker this week after he was at the Great Outdoor Expo this past weekend in Woodstock, IL.  His presentation was entertaining while educating the small audience of about 50 people.  I took notes like I was in a college lecture writing down any new information about flies, water, rods, reels, lines, and fish.  I even took a video on my iPhone of Mr. Clouser tying his newer pattern called a "Half and Half."
The "Half and Half" is a cross between Lefty's Deceiver and The Clouser Minnow.  He tied the fly on a size 4/0 hook which made it big and juicy for toothy critters.  For those of you who read my blog knows I am fascinated with Musky and Pike patterns from tying them to reading about them.  The pictures below show you a completed "Half and Half."
Both of the above images are of the same fly from different views.  As you can see from the photos, this is a deadly fly for big fish.
Here are a few other tips Mr. Clouser shared with us:
Use  a 6 or 7wt. rod when fishing size 4 or smaller hooks, 8 or 9 wt. for larger hooks, especially in windy conditions.
Slow sinking line (No. 3) allows for a suspended retrieve.  The fly can actually be retrieved at the same water level it is when it is started.
Twistons Line Sinkers work great to add weight to your leader without having a bulky split shot.  They are easy to use and help keep the line from getting stuck in between  rocks.
The top 2/3 of a bucktail has the thicker fur.
Big Fly Fiber is a long 8'' material with some bulk which is great to tie big flies without having to add heavy material.  This keeps the fly easy to cast and dry.
The one thing Mr. Clouser said that I really found interesting is that he uses a River Master Skiff by Towee.  Towee is a boat company out of Tennessee which Brad Bohen uses at Musky Country Outfitters.  The boat that Bob uses is very difficult to tip and is extremely lightweight.  I will be looking into these a little more since it seems like a great small boat to use on local bodies of water and even get onto some of the bigger rivers.
 The night was memorable and I had a great time laughing and learning from Bob Clouser.  The weather kept people away but for those that came out, they had a great time.  I appreciate DRiFT for having Bob Clouser come out and not only tie us a few flies, but also share with us his knowledge for Bass fishing on the fly. 


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