Thursday, December 13, 2012

Zero 2 Hero at DRiFT

Exactly two years ago today I wrote a blog (blog post here) about a tie along with the Afton Angler (Brad Bohen), world class musky guide up in Musky Country, USA.  I was very fortunate to have another chance to sit and listen to Brad talk musky once again.
Brad was a our guest speaker at our DRiFT meeting this week and it was one that I was looking forward too.  Over the past two years Brad and his Musky Tribe has revolutionized the sport of pursuing these fish with a fly rod from his fly patterns to his feather and fur business Primo Tail.  Again it was a real honor to talk fish and flies with Brad for a few hours along with another guide from Musky Country Outfitters (MCO Website) Chris Willen. 
Chris is a local guy starting his fishing career up on the Chain O' Lakes.  He actually is the main tier at MCO and his attention to detail while also cranking out flies at a fast pace is astonishing.  It was breath taking to watch him work at the vise.
Before heading out I made it a point to say hi to Brad since it has been a while since we last talked.  I picked up some green barred rooster tail feathers and had him sign my copy of Musky Country, Zero 2 Hero DVD.
Last night I tied up an optical minnow pattern which Chris demonstrated at the meeting.  It is very similar to the Hangtime pattern which I learned two years ago.  Below is my attempt at it.
My tying has come a long way since the last time I learned a pattern from Brad.  I cannot wait to get this fly in the water and see the action on it.  Brad and Chris, thanks for stopping in and sharing your knowledge with DRiFT.