Wednesday, September 26, 2012

DRiFT Meeting 9/25

The meeting last night was outstanding.  I did not learn a new pattern, but did learn a new method of fishing.  The pattern we tied was a mayfly emerger, but with a parasol attached to it.  This allows the fly to float just below the film and because the parasol is above the fly, the fish never see it.  This fly can also be used as a strike indicator while keeping a hook in the water. 

As you can see, the fly just has a small white parachute on top of it.  This keeps the fly at the surface, easily visible for the fisher to see, to detect any strikes.  A trailer fly can be used with this fly as well.
Using a fly as a strike indicator is a great way of keeping the back cast nice and tout without causing the line to loop and open on you.  This allows the fly to softly land on the water and not spook any fish.  It will also save you from sore shoulders at the end of a long day drifting flies.  Strike indicators are extremely light but can be bulky causing more of a strain during each cast from the wind resistance.
Two meetings down and it is easy to see why I missed them all summer long.  Great group of guys, great learning environment, and a reason to talk fly fishing all winter long.


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