Friday, June 22, 2012

Promo Flies Sent Out

NT just received his first batch of promo flies to share with his pike friends out in Eastern Ohio.  Of course this post is worthless without pictures of the merchandise but I do not have those uploaded at this time.  I promise to post them when I do.  I sent him one of my hangtime variations and four of my popsicle fly variations.  Actually no two popsicle flies were the same.  It was all experimenting.  He said they look good and wished the tandem popsicle flies were a little bigger but we shall see how he does.  He is suppose to get out this weekend.
On a fishing relating post.  I too will be getting a line wet in the morning hours tomorrow for a little bit.  The plan is to take the little guy to the zoo so I have a few hours in the morning to chase bass and carp on the fly rod.  I have a few backstabber variations I have been wanting to try.  Hopefully a get a few fish to hand tomorrow morning.  Either way, I should be back with pictures either tomorrow night or sometime on Sunday.  If anyone wants any flies, let me know.  I am not charging yet, just looking for honest user reviews and some tying critics.  Shoot me an email and let me know type and quantity you are interested in at
Thank you and tight lines.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Future of Lost and Found

The nice weather in Chicago has brought me to the backyard for this post.  As I sit and puff on a nice cigar, drinking a Two Brothers beer, I sit and contemplate the future of Lost and Found.  No I am not going to stop writing (not that I write often anyway) but I do have some things stirring in the pot that can change the future of Lost and Found Fishing. 
One thing is the little man and his impact on the blog.  Actually got him out to some water a few weeks ago.  My girlfriend and him and a nice breakfast picnic by the lake in a nearby forest preserve as I stalked fish with my 5wt.  It was great to get him outdoors and close to nature.  He reminds me a lot of myself when I was younger.  I was always interested in animals and bugs and so is he.  I do not know any kids as young as him that clicks his tongue to call squirrels to the window and the bad part is, he gets one to come almost everyday.  I was able to bring a bluegill over to him for inspection.  He was not sure what to do until it flopped into the air.  His hand went straight for it, giving it a nice pat down.  It was great to see him not  hesitate. The picture below is him on his way to me as I stalk some bass swimming in the shallows.  (Lee takes amazing photos.)
At only 14 months old, he wont be casting a fly rod any time soon, but if he keeps up his interest in the outdoors, I can see many father/son trips around the Midwest.  Something I look forward too and will be a special place in my heart.
Below is just another amazing picture by Lee of me crouching as a I was trying to get my popper over a bass pushing 2lbs.

The next item will be a near future change.  I have contemplated the idea of going commercial as a tyer for the past six months.  My thought was never to actually make a living of it, but maybe make enough to cover my expenses for my own flies.  NT told me to go commercial last week so he can purchase some pike flies I tie.  He has been doing a great job in Ohio nailing pike, most coming on my variation of The Afton Anglers Hangtime.  I do not have a name for mine yet but as soon as I do I will be post it.  I decided to send him a package this week that contains the two flies pictured below.  The top one is my Hangtime variation while the bottom fly is a tandem popsicle fly variation.  He is going to be my product tester for these flies.
Sorry for the bad picture quality.  I hope to have Lee take professional pictures before sending them off to NT for testing.  After talking with him and doing some research I will see if going commercial is worth it.
With summer here, I look to get out more, especially for a weekly wade working a small stretch of the DuPage River that is close to my house.  The stretch holds a good amount of carp and I would love to purposely catch on a home tied backstabber fly.  This weekend is looking more open then weekends past so I might be able to get out for a few hours one morning.  Hopefully the kid and his molars that are coming in will cooperate.  I would feel a little guilty leaving the house at 5 am to fish while the baby is crying.
With the commercial idea floating around, it seems I might be forced to blog more.  This is great news since I will have some news related to fishing and I really do enjoy writing.
Hopefully a fishing report will be in my future and hopefully it involves actual fish being caught.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

FSA Black River Steel Series Fly Rod

A good friend of mine decided to get into rod building recently.  It was a way for him to stay close to fishing while his family grew by one.  Since he has never built a fly rod and I have never ordered a custom rod, we talked out the specs for a fly rod.
I was interested in a fly rod that was perfect for the different water types I fish.  We flirted with the idea of adding my blog title onto the rod.  The picture below shows the title right above the cork grip.

Let me just say, I could not be more happier with this rod.  It casts like a dream and is very light weight.  The 8ft. 4wt. rod has been used on a few rivers and lakes now.  I have not had a chance to bring anything with size to hand on it yet, but I sure do look forward to it.  The sensitivity of the rod really helps pick up on those light subtle hits.
Ed at Four Season Angler (FSA) did an outstanding job.  Not only is he a crafty rod builder, but he is an excellent fisherman and writer.  His blog is under repair right now, but he can be contacted on Facebook at TheFour SeasonAngler.  Contact him for all your rod building needs.  He has built countless number of spinning and bait casting rods along with a few fly rods.  Great service, great products, for a great price.