Friday, February 17, 2012

The Internet Angler

I always wanted to be the fishing bums that spent their rainy afternoons in the tackle shop arguing about that days topic.  I remember going in to spend my allowance and would have to be dragged out since I would just hang out, "browse" and listen to what they were saying.  They seemed knowledgeable and seemed to have nothing else to do all day but to drink coffee and enjoy the company of other anglers.
Being an angler now is nothing like I imagined it when I would go into the tackle shops at a young age.  Today the conversations and arguing are all done in forums on the internet.  Even purchasing gear is done on the internet.  It is kind of sad to see the local tackle shops empty on rainy days, but with everyone on the go  what else can we expect?
Now as much as I would love to spend my rainy days in the local tackle shop, drinking coffee, and bsing with other anglers.  A place to go that everyone gets along, knows each other, and can either head out to some water to fish or just argue back and forth and no one taking it seriously. 
I have been lucky enough to meet great anglers the past few years that can just bs or fish without taking it seriously.  The internet tough guys or the guys that have been kicked off every other site so they have to create their own to feel important would not be here without the realm of the internet.
The internet has allowed the fishing information to spread like wildfire.  Anglers are able to share information on current reports with a touch of the button social media.  We can share information with each other so quickly that keeps anglers at bay when approaching others on the water.
The internet is here and will only continue to improve, we just need to find a way to treat it like our local tackle shop.


  1. Nice post. Kinda sad in some regards because before the internet all you had was the local tackle shops to shoot the breeze but technology moves things forward. Hopefully for the best...

  2. Yes, it has become so much easier with the internet. You can even buy tackles online!

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