Saturday, January 7, 2012

Winter Root

After this past fall fishing trip to the Root River, I have been looking forward to getting a line in the water on some of the new water we explored.  My time finally came this morning.
The drive up was pretty smooth from Chicagoland.  I headed to the main dam on the river since I heard a couple of guys had great luck there last weekend.  Knots all tied, black and orange popsicle fly tied on, and the cigar was lit.  It was time to head to the water.  I worked a nice hole that gave up a few kings in previous years.  I was about 5 drifts in when I had my first bump.  After a quick strip set, the fight was on.
Unfortunately the fight didn't last as long as most would hope.  The fish was unbuttoned within the first 45 seconds of the fight but I was able to get a look at the Brown Trout that had my heart racing.  He was only about 20inches but still hurt to feel the tug no more.  I was able to get a picture of this little guy cruising the opposite shoreline.
After about another 30 minutes of working this hole, I decided to head out to fish the water I came across back in October.  The quick five minute drive had me pass the Weir Dam which was open for business allowing migrating fish to get above and beyond.  This was great news since the new water was just upstream of there.  A quick gathering of the gear and walk down a man made trail and I came across superb looking water.  The water level was a little lower then I had hoped for, but it was clear and allowed me to survey about 3/4 of a mile.  The substrate is perfect for spawning steelhead and would be perfect holding areas for migrating fish.  I hope to be in the moving river after a nice rain fall in the future.  Until next time...


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