Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Driving into work this morning I say a billboard advertising a college. The sign read, "All adventures begin away from home."  I have been on adventures throughout my life, and almost all of mine begin at home.
The intent of my blog was to be detailed notes along with personal thoughts of my adventures across the Midwest while fishing.  I still have that intention.
Every fishing adventure begins at home for the fly fisherman.  No matter if you are heading to a local smallmouth bass water for an overnight camping trip or a long weekend trip to the driftless area for trout, all trips begin and end at home.  Depending on how long a trip is and what species will be targeted depends on when the pre trip adventure begins.  My last trip to Southeast Wisconsin for Salmon involved two months of preplanning.  The two months prior to leaving on the trip involved countless hours of fly tying, going over leaders and tippets, cleaning rods and reels, and getting the warm clothes together. 
The time on the bench is a great adventure that begins at home and could end on a body of water caught in the corner of a fishes mouth.  Time at the bench is an adventure whether or not the fly ever hits the water.  Each thread wrap continues to build a hook, thread, and material into a finished fly that is edible for a fish.  
Now the adventures I have mentioned are a few that I have not been able to go on and enjoy as much as I would like.  I am currently on a life adventure that began at home and who knows where it will end.  Fatherhood has taken over my life in a great way.  It has been a great adventure so far and I look forward to juggling the adventure of fatherhood with all my other adventures.