Sunday, September 4, 2011

Salt Creek Pike Search

Well as was mentioned in my last blog, I was going to be getting out Thursday morning to swing some big nasty streamers for some toothy critters. With Salt Creek basically in our backyard and knowledge that this polluted body of water holds both pike and walleye, we decided to try our luck. Nate and I met at the creek at 6am and quickly started getting our stuff together. Waders buckled, flies tied on our rods, and it was time to hit the water. We both were throwing flies that I personally tied. Its a streamer known as a Hangtime that the Afton Angler himself taught me how to tie last December. Each one I tie continues to get better and I was really looking forward to hitting my first pike on the fly with a home tied fly.
We surveyed the water to get an idea of what spots would be our best chance. We both waded out to a nice rocky inlet so we could hit an eddy with some down branches in it. Each of us worked different ends of the eddy but only had a few less flies in our box to show for it. We worked from the dam to about 200 yards downstream with nothing except snags and snapped lines.
The air temperature the past few days were a little on the high side which could have caused the fish to move to deeper water. I know I'll be trying over this stretch again once we have our Midwest Fall season.

I know I haven't been fishing much lately, but the thread has been working often, tying up big nasty streamers, weighted buggers, and egg patterns, getting ready for this upcoming fall season. I'll add a few pictures of the flies I've been working on. I'm really striving to hit that end of the year, no more buying flies to fish with anymore goal. Wish me luck...

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