Thursday, September 29, 2011

Steelhead Hammer Fly

The fly above is called a Steelhead Hammer and can be found on Orivs' website here:

I just purchased material to tie a variation of this fly in purple, hot pink, and chartruese. I hope to get the material by Monday or Tuesday of next week so I can get these tied up before my trip up north in the middle of October. That will give me this weekend to try and get the weighted buggers all tied up along with the egg patterns.
Going to be a busy weekend but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Indiana Trib - Little Cal

So my goal was to be on the Little Cal river this morning in Indiana before sunrise. Well I hit snooze a few too many times and was on the road about 30 minutes later then I had wanted too. No big deal, at least I woke up and got on the road in the first place.
After a quick stop for food and coffee, I was on my way 57 miles from home in search of salmon. The ride went pretty smooth and didn't take as long as I had expected. Even with my 30 minute snooze session, I was still on the water about 20 minutes after sunrise and on a cloudy, rainy today like today, it didn't seem to matter.
I walked the trail down to the river and passed a few people fishing the easy access points from land. It seemed most were throwing hardware which has been working on this river as of late and I was going to be throwing flies as usual.
I walked down the trail looking for a good spot to get the boots wet and start drifting the white streamers I had tied a few weeks ago. I was excited to see how heavy this fly would be in the water with the tungsten bead head. I probably traveled about 300 yards on the trail around the river until I realized I was way off the mark that was given to me by a friend. I decided to figure out where I was on my iPhone maps app and start over. As I was walking back to my car I was asked by a fellow fly fisherman if I've had any luck yet. We talked a little bit and he offered to show me a few holes that he does well with during the winter time for steelhead (which has been noted down in a few spot so I don't forget).
He started drifting spawn about 40 yards upstream from me while I was throwing the white bugger with one of my green egg sacs trailing behind it. Let me just note that the bugger sinks and sinks quick. The hole I was fishing was at least 10 feet deep and I had to retie a longer leader since my fly was sinking so quickly. I fished this run and a few others as I headed back to my car. I had one hookup, but came off quickly. I'm sure it was snagged or was a snag all together. It's hard to feel hits when your fly line is angled straight down into a hole.
I feel bad for not ever saying goodbye to the gentleman that helped me out. I know its hard to meet people on the water willing to converse and help another fisherman out during the salmon season. It seems everyone is usually out for themselves and when they do something stupid, they don't speak English anymore.
I stopped at Bass Pro on my way home to get some quick essentials for the annual salmon trip to SE Wisconsin coming up in a few weeks. It was nice to get outside, get lost making my own path, and getting a line wet. Even though I didn't didn't catch any fish, I did see a few making their way upstream. It was raining on and off when I left and  the temperature seemed to be dropping. This is a nice stretch that I'll be back on soon. All in all, it was a good morning on the Cal.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Car is loaded up...

For a quick trip over the border tomorrow to fish for some Indiana tunas on the fly rod. Goal is to be on the water by sunrise and back home ready to watch football all day at noon. Stay tuned for a full write up on this quick trip sometime tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fall Season Fly Patterns

Weighted Streamers

Egg Patterns

Well as promised in my post earlier this morning, you'll find a few of the fly patterns I've been working on for the upcoming salmon/trout season. The weighted streamers are just white wholly buggers tied on size 2 hooks with tungsten bead heads giving them some serious weight. I plan on tying these in black and olive as well and go down as small as size 6 hook.
The egg patterns are all tied on size 8 curved hooks. All egg patterns are tied with McFly Foam or Flat Diamond Braid. The egg patterns will mostly be tossed for brown trout and steelhead later in the fall season, but it's never too late to get ahead of the game and you can never have too many flies.
Hopefully I can get out sometime this weekend and try some of these streamers.
Good luck and tight lines.

Lost and Found Fly Tying

I haven't been hitting the water lately, but I have been busy at the tying bench honing my skills while tying up some flies for the next few seasons. Pictured above is the world famous Hangtime created by The Afton Angler (Brad Bohen). This is the same fly that Brad showed a small group of anglers to tie last December which you can read about here As you can see from my first attempt to now, my skills have increased. I've also been working on new egg patterns and weighted streamers for Salmon and Steelhead. I'm finally planning on taking advantage of the waters to the North and East.
The streamers pictured above are the big nasty streamers for pike and muskie. With fall in the air and the temperatures cooling off, both species will be getting their feed on in the local rivers. I'm hoping to hookup with one of these fish this coming fall or spring.
I'll add pictures later today of the eggs and weighted buggers I've been tying. My second goal (first goal listed in my last post) is to post at least once a week. I've slacked in posting since starting this blog. I thought if I had somewhere to write about my adventures, it would automatically get me outdoors more. Well unfortunately the blog doesn't add more time in the day. All because I'm not outdoors as often as I would like doesn't mean I'm not tying flies, reading, or researching about the great outdoors. I still promise to get out as much as possible and post about those outings and I hope you continue to enjoy.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Salt Creek Pike Search

Well as was mentioned in my last blog, I was going to be getting out Thursday morning to swing some big nasty streamers for some toothy critters. With Salt Creek basically in our backyard and knowledge that this polluted body of water holds both pike and walleye, we decided to try our luck. Nate and I met at the creek at 6am and quickly started getting our stuff together. Waders buckled, flies tied on our rods, and it was time to hit the water. We both were throwing flies that I personally tied. Its a streamer known as a Hangtime that the Afton Angler himself taught me how to tie last December. Each one I tie continues to get better and I was really looking forward to hitting my first pike on the fly with a home tied fly.
We surveyed the water to get an idea of what spots would be our best chance. We both waded out to a nice rocky inlet so we could hit an eddy with some down branches in it. Each of us worked different ends of the eddy but only had a few less flies in our box to show for it. We worked from the dam to about 200 yards downstream with nothing except snags and snapped lines.
The air temperature the past few days were a little on the high side which could have caused the fish to move to deeper water. I know I'll be trying over this stretch again once we have our Midwest Fall season.

I know I haven't been fishing much lately, but the thread has been working often, tying up big nasty streamers, weighted buggers, and egg patterns, getting ready for this upcoming fall season. I'll add a few pictures of the flies I've been working on. I'm really striving to hit that end of the year, no more buying flies to fish with anymore goal. Wish me luck...