Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fishing with Friends

I would think 98% of the people that fish have someone that they just can't pass up hitting the water with. I am part of that 98% group and tomorrow morning I get to fish with my longtime buddy and fishing partner Nate. Nate is in town doing electroshock work on some neighboring water and actually has some time in the morning to get a line wet. He sent me a text today saying he would be on the water from sunrise til about 10 am and I instantly requested the day off to get some fishing in.
It is a rare occurrence having him in town especially with some time to fish. This will be our 3rd time in the past week chucking flies at whatever is biting. I cherish the times him and I can get on the water together. It brings me back to when we were kids and would ride our bikes to a local lake for some sick crappie fishing.
I'll be back again with a few fishing adventures that I've been on the past few weeks. I've also hit the tying bench pretty hard lately really honing in on my skills and thread work. My goal is to only fish flies that I've tied myself by the end of this year.
Remember to enjoy all your time spent in the outdoors and never take it for may never know how long it will be before you can enjoy them again.

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  1. Johnny D!

    We need to get together and fling some flies. I have a spot that is ripe. Lots of surface action, big pannies and the occasional bass.