Monday, December 13, 2010

Fly Tying with the Afton Angler

This past Sunday in the wonderful winter wonderland, I had the privilege to pick the brain of the one and only Brad Bohen. For those who don't know who Brad is, you should read his blog as well ( He doesn't post much, but when he does, it matters.

Brad is a successful muskie guide in the territory of the Midwest known as Musky Country. What makes Brad stand out from the rest is his ability to fool these toothy critters with nothing more then feathers, hair, and some flash. His company Musky Country Outfitters had a few guides working the waters this past season which combined put over 350 muskie in the boat. This is unheard of for such an elusive species. Now Brad and I have been talking here and there through email for about a year now. I've always had the intention of getting up there and having Brad do what he does best, but I haven't had the chance. Sunday was an opportunity I couldn't pass up and was extremely excited about.

I got to One More Cast in Countryside a little before 11:00 am on a frigid day and was nervous to what I was walking into. From my previous posts, you may be able to tell I have the desire to be a pro fly fisherman (when I get out), but I don't have the experience. Joseph, the owner of the shop, was extremely nice and a great guy to chat with all day. He actually looked over my fly tying skills (which are very novice at best) and instructed me on what I was doing wrong and such. Once Brad walked in, it was time to get moving. We ate some homemade Mexican food made by Joseph and started talking. Brad brought another guide down with him named Tim - another fly fisher who really knows what he is doing on the water.

The fly we were going to learn to tie was Brad's Hangtime. The fly is designed to be fished with sinking tip line and stripped in sporadically while the rod tip is in the water. The fly pictured above is my attempt at tying this fly. It is quite an easy fly to tie consisting of deer hair, long feathers, and flash. Add these three layers and then add eyes. Brad showed us how to apply the eyes, but none of the other tiers actually added them.

Here is a link to Brad's instructions to tie this fly:
Needless to say, I met some great people that I'll be in touch with in the future. I have a chance to hit the spring creeks of Southwest Wisconsin with a guide and of course getting out with Brad.

Signing is a trailer for a movie coming out featuring the guys at Musky Country Outfitters. Enjoy!


  1. John,

    Keep up the writing, man! Chasing muskellunge with feathers is surely no simple task. I'd be glad to give it a shot with you. Make sure you have plenty of big flies tied up for when you visit northwestern Ohio. I know a good number of pike that would tear those things up.


  2. I agree, I am loving the posts, so keep it up!

  3. John,
    You have been absent. Make sure you promote this blog on my forum. I have an area set up where everyone else has been doing just that. Talk to you soon.
    Ken G

  4. Thats a cool fly! Like your blog. I just started following

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