Saturday, February 27, 2010

Let The Games Begin

Last week I took a trip out to Ohio to visit my best friend and long time fishing partner for a weekend of fun and games. It was great to catch up with him, and talk about our plans for this coming fishing season. Between the beers and meals, we were able to head over to his place of business, and one of my favorite stores on Earth, Bass Pro. I was able to get my latest fly reel lined up and couldn't wait to try out the 3wt. I was ready to fish the moment I got the reel back in my hands, and this morning, I did just that.
I planned all week to fish the DuPage River in the South Naperville area. Although I was targeting Smallmouth Bass and Rock Bass, I really wasn't planning on feeling any weight at the end of my rod. My voyage today was to get the new rod/reel combo a try, to get my waders wet, and to do what any suburbanite does, get lost in the wilderness.

I got into the water and instantly was amazed by the clearity of the river. The flows and levels were at a nice, safe, wading level and I couldn't wait to get in and move around. I started up river to a few islands that I've fished in the past that has great current and undercut banks. I only fished for about 1 hour in this spot, but I sat down on the upstream point of the island and just took in my surroundings. This trip was also different from others as I left my phone in the car. I realized if I'm going to allow myself to get lost in the world around me, then I have to keep the distractions out. Not sure how long I sat in this spot since I didn't have a watch on me either. I took everything in and took notes and pictures. Obviously it still being winter, there were no birds to hear, or fish rising at all (I've seen different types of Chubs and other baitfish rise during the summer in this spot) but I did get to see how the water moves downstream and where it changes. I feel I learned a lot from that trip to the river today.
There was no fish caught today, but like my best friend Nate told me, spending an hour or two on the river taking notes and pictures can mean a lifetime of great outings.
I look forward to prove his point...