Thursday, January 21, 2010

Winter Blues

I know its been a while since my last post. I've allowed work get in the way of life again, but at least for good reason this time. I was recently awarded a trip to Las Vegas for me and a guess. Everything is paid for and the employees that were picked to go (top 20 employees out of the 350 in my office), get awarded again out there. It's has been stressful and kind of taking its toll on me, but I wouldn't change it, right now at least. I'd rather spend my time behind the computer now then when its gorgeous outside and the fish are biting. Not saying they aren't biting now, but unless you have the fancy goods to ice fish, you really don't know what or where to drop a line.

The weather around Chicagoland these past few days gives me a little hop in my step. It makes it feel like Spring is right around the corner and that gives me a hop in my step. I know this spring season has a lot instore for me outside the office. I've decided to hit sports full go again this coming year. With my knee feeling the best its felt in a long time, I don't want to look back on life 20 years from now and ask myself "why didn't I do as much as I could when I was younger?" With that said, the trips away from the area doesn't seem like it will be as often as I would like them to have been, but I'll still get away when I can.

I look forward to getting out this upcoming year. I have a few trips in mind that I would like to hit up. The spring steelhead run up in Wisconsin is something I'm going to try this year. I know I have the Walleye Run out in Ohio planned for the middle of April which is always my favorite trip. There have been talks about a Lake Wisconsin trip this year which would probably be icing on an already fish producing cake.

My best friend's family has a lake house in Merrimac, WI right on the gorgeous Lake Wisconsin. This is really the only place I traveled to fish when I was younger. My first trip up to Wisconsin was when I was 12 years old and I remember it 12 years later like it was yesterday. That was my first time catching White Bass, Sheaphead, and Walleye. That first trip really inspired me to always take at least one trip a year even at that age.

The trips up north continued till Nate moved out to Ohio for school, and I haven't been back up there since. I believe our last trip was 5 years ago, and was the best trip by far up there. Three guys, a trunk full of booze (no PBR, I didn't discover it yet), and an entire lake full of fish to be hunted. I miss those times but they will never be forgotten.

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  1. John, just found the blog. <-- No pun intended. Great stuff! I had no idea you were taking this much of an interest in chronicalling your time on the water. I'll surely be a reader.