Thursday, December 10, 2009

Temp in the Teens

I wonder if all fisherman/outdoorsman spend there free time the same as me when your lungs freeze as soon as you walk outside. I know living in the Chicagoland, a little cold weather shouldn't be something hard to handle, and it isn't. But when all you want to do is get out and get a line wet somewhere, just to be out in the fresh air with nature, it makes it hard. The last thing I wanted to do today was leave my warm spot on the couch. I would love to have been able to stay connected to the Internet all day, reading reports (either old or new) and articles regarding my favorite species or waters to fish. Instead I ran some errands and started reading a book. Now reading for the fun of it is something new in my list of hobbies. And its not because I think reading is dumb or that someone that likes to read is a dweeb. I just have a hard time finding a book that can keep my attention for 300 pages or so. So about the book now that I'm currently obsessed with. The title is, Zipping My Fly, Moments in the Life of an American Sportsman, by Rich Tosches. I'm only a few chapters deep in it, but its a great read and I highly recommend it if your into reading about a hobby as fly fishing, mixed with some humor. This will definitely be my warm spot on the couch hobby til I finish it.
Besides the book, I have a few outings to look forward to. Sometime this weekend, I plan on hitting up a spot on the Fox River to give the fly rod one last chance for the year. The main target will be carp (yes carp). The area is a warm water discharge, so I'm sure it will be loaded with other fish, but carp on the fly is the main goal for that outing.
The other trip is another Fox River outing and that will be targeting the great tasting walleye (not that these will be kept for eating) with a fellow fisherman Ed. This trip is mostly being coordinated by Ed since I'm not too familiar with the waters of the Fox. Either way, getting out, getting a line wet, is something I've been looking forward to do since Black Friday (wow, didn't realize it's been that long since I've fished, but I guess knee surgery will put a setback). I look forward to writing down reports from these outings. Hopefully a few fish pictures will accompany the report.

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