Monday, December 14, 2009

Knowledge is Key...

To what? Many of us has heard the lines about knowledge being the key to success and knowledge is power. Well with my 24 years of life, I'm slowly starting to see how this actually does have some truth behind it. But there is more to it. Having the knowledge is great, but if you don't do anything with it, then whats the point? This brings me to my reason for blogging tonight.
I mentioned in a previous blog that I was making two fishing trips from Saturday to Monday. Well, Saturday was a in no fish were caught, but the ability to get out and roam around uncharted waters is an experience in itself. Today was another trip out, and it was actually to the exact same spot that I walked away from smelling like skunk on Saturday morning.
This trip was originally planned by (I hope) a future longtime fishing buddy Ed. We headed down to the river sharing previous stories and what we were about to get ourselves into. Right away he starts showing me around the spot. I being a fly guy and carp being a nice target to persue, Ed went right to work pointing out some great spots to drift a fly.
We slowly slide into the water, and after we are both all tied up ready to cast, we slowly move downstream. His advice and knowledge doesn't stop there. He talks about his techniques that he's used up and down the shoreline that has produced some good Smallmouth Bass numbers.
This continued for a good hour, two guys, shooting the shit, casting aimlessly in water that neither of us knew what was lurking ahead. After walking downstream about 200 yards from our point of entry, and reaching the target spot, we start casting, I hear Ed talking about a sheet of ice that just missed him by a few feet. The sheet was about the size of a bedroom, and we both agreed it isn't safe out there.
Another trip to the spot, another time walking away skunked. These past two trips haven't been worthless though, not even close to it. Tonight I learned more about a good stretch of a river that flows 115 miles in IL.
The reason for the post was not to talk about a night of learning, but to say thank you. Thank you Ed for having the knowledge, and not only using it for yourself, but passing it on to someone that really hasn't worked this river all that much.
When it comes to fishing, its the knowledge that gets passed on from fisherman to fisherman that makes this hobby that we all love grow. So to that, knowledge IS key.


  1. Where've you been man? Post another entry!

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