Sunday, December 13, 2009

Carp in the Water

I finally reached that point when it was either I go out and fish, or I lay around moping around. Well I'm not one to really feel sorry for myself, so I decided to toss some flies on a local river. A few buddies and I have been talking about a few stretches of the Fox River that was producing some good numbers of SM Bass. Travis ,a gentleman that I haven't had the luxury to meet face to face with yet but have spoke with him through a few internet fishing sites, did a little adventuring around a warm water discharge when it had a lite snow falling. He did a great job catching a few smallmouth bass. It wasn't what he was catching that caught my attention, it was what he was noticing. Carp, all around him, kept slurping the surface. Travis noticed that caddis flies were in the foam that floated along the surface. This got me excited since it has been a while since I've had some weight on the end of my fly rod (it was actually my last time out, which the weight moved me up and downstream before the hook came out).
I reach my destination at about 10:50am which was much later then I was hoping for, but being 24 on a saturday morning sometimes means sleep is inportant. Now let me give you some information about this spot. I learned about it earliar this week. for anyone that knows the Fox River, there is locations up and down the entire thing that can and will produce fish on a consistent basis. I know two of these areas (and I don't know them well). So after suiting up for battle, I made my way down to the river. As soon as I approached, carp swam off in all areas. As soon as I got a view of the river, I felt relaxed, almost a euphoric feeling come over me. That river smell hit my senses, and when I took my first steps wading around, I just felt great again. I love how being about 35 minutes from my fairly busy suburban town, I feel like I'm in a completely remote place.
I walked out from shore about 20 ft, and worked my way upstream toward the discharge. I started off throwing a dry fly, even though I didn't notice carp hitting the surface at all. I moved up and down the shore from my entry point to the discharge with nothing to show for it, unless you were watching me since I became very proficient in ''ice chunk dodging." After about 2 hours of working this 70 yard stretch of water with random dry and wooly bugger flies, I did what I try to do after every time on the water. I waded over to the shore, put my fly rod down, and just took in my surroundings. I keep a small notebook in my vest so I can write down notes while I'm on the river. I wrote down a few notes, and started back toward my car. I took my time getting my stuff organized and back into the car. I wanted to try and soak up the moment I was in. Fishing has become an escape for me. Not that I need an escape, but everyone that works a full time job, and has pretty much the same schedule on a day to day basis knows that when you get away and do something you're passionate about, well...there is nothing like it.

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